Our Portfolio

University of Miami

We have held a Continuing Services Contract with the University Of Miami since 1981, and have maintained a constant presence there since then. Over the last 40 years and 1,100+ jobs we developed and perfected completing complex, time sensitive projects in occupied spaces with hard deadlines. We have worked in every building, on every Campus (Main, Marine, South, Four Fillies, the Presidents Residence, and various other off campus University owned or managed properties).

Our time in Higher Education has allowed us to design and develop a wide range of projects- from the obvious classrooms and lecture halls, to scientific laboratories, museum exhibit halls, rehearsal halls, performance stages, television studios, radio stations, complete building "hardening" (hurricane impact windows/doors/structural upgrades), athletic facilities and fields, commercial bathrooms, under and aboveground utility work, infrastructure, healthcare facilities, student housing, and administrative and support areas.

Project Locations:

Main Campus (Coral Gables)

Medical Campus (Miami)

Marine Campus (Key Biscayne)

South Campus (South Dade)

Presidents Residence (Pinecrest)

Little Salt Springs (South of Tampa)


Project Size Range:

Individual: 500 sq ft-20,000 sq ft

Cumulative: Millions of sq ft

Project Cost Range:

Smallest: $15,000

Largest: $1,850,000

Commerical Buildouts/Tenant Improvements


We have built out and improved millions of square feet across Florida. LRG and it's subcontractors are trained to work in staffed facilities, essentially operating in the background to minimize negative impact to the normal daily business operations.


Various TI Projects at:

The University Of Miami

Florida International University

Riviera Country Club

The Residences at Merrick Park

EastRidge Retirement Village

Project Size Range:
500 sq ft- 20,000 sq ft





Tech3 Solutions

Gables Diagnostic and Imaging

Gables Heart Health



Project Cost Range:


Custom Homes


We work hand in hand with the design team to take the Owner's vision from concept to completion to deliver the perfect living space. 


Coral Gables



Miami Beach





Services Available: 


Home Automation

LEED/Green Services

Renovations of existing homes/condominiums

New Construction


LRG has designed, built, and developed many factories and warehouse facilities, many of which were for publicly traded companies. 


Pfizer Animal Health

SmithKline Beecham

Grainger Supply

D2 Marine Solutions

La Dove Hair Care

Beckman Coulter Inc

Project Size Range:
1,500-72,000 sq ft

Project Cost Range:




When working in Multifamily properties within occupied units communication is key. We have perfected a streamlined notification process to minimize impact and maximize resident comfort during intrusive projects. 


Sigma Chi Fraternity

The Arbors Condominiums

Country Walk

Santona Street Condominiums

The Residences at Merrick Park


Services Available: 

Complete unit by unit renovations

Hurricane Impact System Upgrades (windows, doors, roofs, generators)

Life Safety Upgrades

LEED/Sustainability Consulting and Construction


Hospitality and Restaurants


Riviera Country Club

WetLab Bar and Restaurant

Rathskeller Bar and Restaurant

Sandals and Beaches (Caribbean)

Holiday Inn

Richmond Hotel

Project Size Range: 
600-10,000 sq ft

Project Cost Range:


We have worked in a number of medical facilities where contaminate migration must be properly contained and managed, while adhering to extremely strict tolerances for medical gas, imaging and radiological devices, and other Healthcare specific needs. 


Various Projects at the University of Miami School Of Nursing

Various Projects at the University of Miami Medical Campus

Gables Diagnostic and Imaging

Gables Heart and Healthcare

Beckman Coulter


Project Size Range:
500-30,000 sq ft

Project Cost Range: